• How do I make all my presets the same volume?

    • On Helix, use the Channel Volume parameter on the amp block to change the level of your presets.

  • Snapshots 2, 3, and 5-8 sound weird on a preset I bought from you.

    • My presets are designed to be used in stomp mode on Snapshot 1. Snapshot 4 is an ambient pad sound. The rest of the Snapshots are unused. If you want to use them, copy Snapshot 1, overwrite the ones you want to use, and make the tweaks you want. 

  • What IRs do you use with your presets?

    • The recommended IRs and placement instructions are listed on each preset’s page. 

  • I get an error when I try to import a preset I purchased. 

    • Update to the latest version of the editor (HX Edit) on your computer AND update Helix to the latest firmware revision, then try again.

  • Should I buy the Helix Floor or LT?

    • I chose the Helix Floor for the following reasons: more I/O, scribble strips, 10 stomp mode (LT is limited to 8 stomps), and overall more sturdy construction. 

  • A preset I purchased from you sounds much darker than I was expecting. 

    • My presets are designed for loud live performance in a dense band mix. Turn them up loud through good flat response speakers and you’ll hear the presets come to life, but never get harsh. 

  • Your presets have more gain than I was expecting

    • Most importantly, read the “recommended global settings” section on the Helix Presets page which includes things like turning on the global input pad. Also, I like to turn up the gain and use my guitar’s volume knob and picking dynamics to control the amount of gain, instead of having six different drive pedals.

  • Your presets are more compressed than I am used to.

    • As mentioned above, my presets are designed to be studio-ready which includes adding some compression later in the signal chain. This also helps keep a consistent volume when rolling back my volume knob. However if you don’t like it, feel free to disable the LA Studio Compressor block which is after the amp and cab in most of my presets.  

  • Where do you set your Helix’s volume knob?

    • When playing live, I use the Global Settings “Volume Knob Controls” option to set the volume knob to control an output I’m not using, like “Digital.” This defaults to max volume, so there’s no risk of accidentally bumping the knob when playing live. At home I set it to multi, so it controls the overall level of my monitors.