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  • Duesenberg Starplayer TV
    • Bridge: Duesenberg Grand Vintage Humbucker
    • Neck: Duesenberg Domino P90
  • Veritas Texas Miracle
    • Neck and Bridge: Lollar Special T
  • Veritas Orpheus
    • Neck and Bridge: Pioneer Polecat P90

PEdals / Amps

  • Amps: Line 6 Helix (since Oct 2016)
  • Pedals: Line 6 Helix (since Oct 2016)
  • Wireless: Shure GLX-D
  • I use a 1-to-2 power splitter connected to a 1spot (for the GLX-D) and a 1ft IEC cable (for Helix)


IEMs: 64Audio V6 Stage

Home Studio Monitors: Adam A7X

Home Studio Headphones: Sennheiser HD600

Strings: D'addario 10-46

Capos: G7

Strap Locks: Schaller

Picks: Everly Star 0.6mm (orange)