Marshall 1959SLP Plexi Super Lead

Marshall 1959SLP Plexi Super Lead


This is my "rock" preset. Sounds awesome with a Les Paul, but I use it all the time with a telecaster for Y&F stuff. As you can hear from the demos, it works for all kinds of rock tones.

Recommended IR: This preset uses Helix’s stock cabs but the IR I recommend is OH 412 MR82 M75A CUT-06 from the Ownhammer core tone bundle. To try the IR, replace the cab block with a 2048 IR block and select the IR recommended above. Leave all the IR settings on their defaults. If you are having trouble with the IR, please watch this video before contacting me.

HX Stomp Version

HX Stomp version of this preset available here.

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Live demo (stock cabs): (starts at 1:04)