AC30 Normal Channel

AC30 Normal Channel


All new for Helix firmware 2.80.

This is my flagship patch, and the preset I use maybe 50% of the time for modern P&W music.

Roll back your volume knob when using the “Amp Drive” footswitch to get varying degrees of gain. Add the Klon for most bigger leads or the EP Boost for a big solo. There’s also a clean boost footswitch.

Recommended IR: This preset uses Helix’s stock cabs, but the IR I recommend is OH 212 VC30 BLU-93 OH1-07.wav. If you’d like to try it with an IR, simply replace the cab block with a 2048 IR block. Import the IR mentioned above and select it on the IR block. Leave all the IR settings on their defaults. If you are having trouble with the IR, please watch this video before contacting me.

HX Stomp Version

HX Stomp version of this preset available here.

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