Bass SVT / Noble Preamp

Bass SVT / Noble Preamp


Designed by an LA session bass player, Blake Riley, and me. We put a Noble preamp in one of Helix’s loops and dialed in the SVT amp model to sound noticeably better in our opinion.

The preset has 8 snapshots:

  1. Clean

  2. Low Drive

  3. Medium Drive

  4. High Drive

  5. Fuzz

  6. Clean Octave

  7. Drive Octave

  8. Fuzz Octave

To access all 8 snapshots, there are two methods:

  1. Press the UP and DOWN footswitches at the same time

  2. In the global settings, under Footswitches, set “Preset Mode” to “8 snapshots.”

This preset can also be used in stomp mode. One footswitch turns on the octave, one turns on the parallel path, and one toggles between the drive and and fuzz on the parallel path.

The preset also has a send block before the amp for use with a live guitar amp and cab on stage if necessary.

HX Stomp Version

HX Stomp version of this preset available here.

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High Drive Snapshot:

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