Hillsong-inspired Helix preset

Hillsong-inspired Helix preset


This preset is designed to replicate the guitar tones from recent Hillsong Worship and United records, which we can finally do properly with the new 2.8 tweed amps. The preset has two amps, three drives, several delays, reverbs, and compressors. Footswitch 2 is a humbucker / single coil footswitch. Off is for humbuckers, on is for single coils.

The amps are set up quite clean, with a drive pedal model used to recreate the sound of the “Prism” preamp/overdrive that is a core part of this sound. Use your guitar's volume knob and play lighter to get pristine cleans around 7 on your volume knob.

Please update your unit to at least firmware 2.81 as there are several major bugs in 2.80 that were addressed in 2.81.

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