Living Hope Song Preset

Living Hope Song Preset


This preset contains a custom drive, amp, cab, and mic setup not available in any of my other presets, with Snapshots designed to cover the guitar parts from the Cross Point version of “Living Hope.” It also has stomps set up to make the preset is as versatile as possible, so you can use it for many other songs by tapping in a different tempo and using different combinations of stomps.


  1. Clean

  2. Crunch

  3. Lead

  4. Last Chorus

  5. Pad.


  1. Clean Boost

  2. Amp Drive

  3. DOD250 (lead drive)

  4. Reverb +/-

  5. Octave +

  6. Dot 8 Delay

  7. Big Delay (for padding or tremolo picking)

  8. Searchlights (big reverb)

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