Matchless DC30 - Edge of Breakup

Matchless DC30 - Edge of Breakup


Updated for Helix firmware 2.7. 

The Matchless DC30 is a fantastic amp and works well for a lot of P&W stuff. It is voiced like an AC30 with a stronger low end and takes pedals very well. This preset is set up similar to my others, with several delays and drives, an amp drive toggle footswitch, a reverb mix/decay footswitch, and snapshot 4 is set to a very ambient sound for padding. You should be able to get through most contemporary P&W songs with this preset, but there’s plenty of DSP left if you want to add a tremolo, chorus, second amp, etc.

Recommended IRs: This preset uses stock cabs, but the recommended IRs are both from this pack. OH 212 VC30 M25-93 OH1-07.wav and OH 212 VC30 H30 BOLD-07.wav. To try the IRs, replace the stock cabs with 1024 IR blocks and choose the IRs recommended above. It does not matter which ones go in the top or bottom slots. Leave all the other IR settings on their defaults.

HX Stomp Version

HX Stomp version of this preset available here.

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