Americana HX Stomp Preset

Americana HX Stomp Preset


This an HX Stomp version of the my Helix Americana preset, which is my take on the classic American “tweed” sound, used on countless records over the years.

Includes two gain stages, a tremolo, and a couple classic reverb settings.


  1. Amp drive up/down

  2. Spring reverb mix+decay up/down

  3. Toggles the mix of the tremolo block up and down from 0 to 38%. This mono tremolo block is “always on” because it is being used to sum the dual cab block to mono. If you run mono to FOH you can feel free to delete this block.

  4. Prince of Tone on/off

This preset uses several blocks from the 2.8 firmware update so make sure your unit is fully updated before installing!

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