Glorious Day - HX Stomp Preset

Glorious Day - HX Stomp Preset


This is a standalone HX Stomp preset for the song “Glorious Day” by Passion. It has several Stomps set up and 3 snapshots corresponding to each part of the song.


  1. Crunch w/ big reverb for verses

  2. Lead w/ smaller reverb for choruses and instrumentals

  3. Crunch w/ smaller reverb for bridge


  1. Amp drive up/down

  2. Reverb mix/decay up/down

  3. tuner

  4. delay on/off

  5. clean boost + compressor level up/down

Recommended IR: As with all my presets, this preset comes with stock cabs, but you can replace the stock cab block with an IR block if you choose. The recommended IR for this preset is: OH 212 VC30 M25-93 OH1-07.wav, located in the quick start folder of the M25-93 section of ownhammer’s 212 vox pack.

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