Bethel HX Stomp - Preset Inspired by the guitar tones from Bethel Music

Bethel HX Stomp - Preset Inspired by the guitar tones from Bethel Music


I designed this preset as a stripped-down version of my Bethel Music Artist Helix Floor preset. Please click the link for more demos and clips.

It has the essential parts to capture the typical “Bethel” amp tone on the last couple Bethel records: AC30, Deluxe Reverb, and a big cloud reverb sound. I designed this preset to integrate into your existing pedalboard as a direct solution with a couple extra effects if you want to use them. 

Footswitch 1 toggles the amp drive up and down, in case you want to use the Stomp in the middle of your board before your delays and reverbs, allowing you to replace a couple expensive “transparent” overdrives.

Footswitch 2 toggles the decay and mix on the reverb from medium to large.

Footswitch 4 is a clean boost, using the level parameter on the compressor to hit the amps harder for leads (you can hear this on the lead parts in the Spirit Move video below).

Please read the HX Stomp notes on the main HX Stomp page for recommended settings, placement, usage, etc.

Recommended IRs: Please follow the instructions on the Bethel Music Artist Helix Floor preset page. On the HX Stomp you will need to replace the amp+cab blocks with just an amp block, and add two IR blocks, one directly after the AC30 and one directly after the Deluxe Reverb. Obviously the 212 Vox blue IR goes after the AC30 and the 112 DRVB IR goes after the Deluxe Reverb.

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