Hillsong-inspired HX Stomp Preset

Hillsong-inspired HX Stomp Preset


This is a package with two presets: one with a compressor, amps, cabs, and a reverb, and the other with 6 additional effects from the Helix version of this preset. This way, you can copy and paste the effects into the “amps” preset based on the other pedals you’re using with the Stomp. For example, if you have all your own drive pedals and a compressor, you’d leave those blocks out, but maybe copy in a couple of the delays.

Footswitch 2 toggles the reverb mix and decay up and down. The preset is set up out of the box for humbuckers. For single coils, change the compressor level to 0db.

Please read the HX Stomp notes on the main HX Stomp page for recommended settings, placement, usage, etc.

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