Matchless Ch2 HX Stomp

Matchless Ch2 HX Stomp


This is a stripped-down version of my Matchless preset. Please click the link for demos and clips.

It will work well at the end of your pedalboard as a clean amp + a couple extra effects, or between your wet and dry effects, enabling you to effectively use the “amp drive” switch (footswitch 1).

Recommended IR: OH 212 VC30 M25-93 OH1-07.wav from the ownhammer VC30 pack (located in the CBAL+H30/Quick-Start folder). If you’ll be using this preset as a clean amp at the end of your pedalboard, I’d add a second IR in parallel, OH 212 VC30 H30 OH1-07.wav. Make sure you hard pan the split and merge blocks for a nice stereo image.

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Demos recorded using the HX Stomp preset direct with no additional pedals or effects.