Plexi HX Stomp

Plexi HX Stomp


This is a stripped-down version of my HX Floor Plexi preset. Please click the link for additional demos and clips.

It has a compressor, amp model, dual cab block, mic preamp, EQ, and Plate reverb. This is an extremely versatile rock preset and can cover classic rock/metal, modern country, 90's punk, etc. It is designed to integrate into your existing pedalboard as a direct solution.

Footswitch 1 toggles the gain on the amp so you can go from cleanish Marshall to cranked screaming Marshall with one footswitch press. Footswitch 2 toggles the mix and decay on the plate reverb. This preset is designed for use before your wet effects, but if you’re a “pedals into clean amp” person and have your HX Stomp at the end of your pedal chain, it will of course work, but I would recommend not running heavy delays and reverbs into the front of a cranked Marshall.

Please read the HX Stomp notes on the main HX Stomp page for recommended settings, placement, usage, etc.

Recommended IR: Please follow the instructions on the page for my Plexi preset for Helix Floor.

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