Tools / Apps I Use

Here are some apps I use on a daily basis that have made my life easier online.



Secure encrypted database for all of your passwords, credit cards, etc. Cross platform. Unlock with FaceID or TouchID and automatically fill in usernames and passwords in apps and websites. Generates secure passwords for each website. If you struggle with keeping your passwords organized, have a note on your phone with your passwords, or you use the same password for everything, this is a life-changing app and is worth the cost many times over.


Google Drive / Docs / Sheets

Securely store all your files. 15gb free. I pay $29.99/year for 200gb. Sync with your phone and computers. Choose which folders get synced and which stay in the cloud. Seamlessly create and edit documents and spreadsheets from any browser and your phone, without having to download, save, and reupload. Never worry about backing up or losing files again. Everything I have is in my Google Drive except for plugins and software instrument libraries.


Google Photos

Free and unlimited backup for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p. Open the app on your phone and it automatically uploads any new photos and videos. Never worry about losing photos, dealing with duplicates, or paying for storage. Easily create albums to share with friends and family. Facial recognition that groups photos by person. Search by location. Cross platform: just open the app or go to on any computer.

Scanner Pro

Scanner iPhone app that uses the camera to produce high-quality "scans" of physical documents like receipts. Integrates with Google Drive and other cloud storage services. When I'm on the road I just open the app, snap a pic of a receipt or document in the app, it converts it into a nice-looking PDF, and then I upload it to the appropriate folder in my Google Drive. No cluttering up my phone with receipt photos, no messy receipt drawer at home, and everything is uploaded where it needs to go for safekeeping, invoicing later, or taxes.


Keeps everything in sync across my Mac, iPhone, and PC. I use this for email, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, messages, Safari history and bookmarks, Apple Wallet, etc. On PC I use the web interface to access my email, notes, reminders, contacts, etc, and the iCloud for PC app syncs my bookmarks with Firefox (there is no PC version of Safari).